The ultimate technical advantage

Leave the big players behind

High performance, low maintenance

Onpage technical 100%

Maximum values of 100% with PageSpeed Insights as standard. Completely barrier-free and optimal for SEO.

Onpage content optimized

Full support in optimizing the content of the website for maximum efficiency and a perfect result.

User signals

Maximum speed for a perfect user experience. Benefit from good user signals in the long term.


Optimized for Search Engines

Be found

KAB Page offers a number of advantages in the area of search engine optimization. What often has to be laboriously reworked with other CMS or is even impossible with some, is available immediately after the very simple setup.

Here is an overview of the most important advantages:

100% PageSpeed

According to PageSpeed Insights from Google, the speed on mobile devices is 100%. This means that users can use the website as quickly and conveniently as possible.

100% Accessibility

KAB Page is extremely accessible. PageSpeed Insights also gives a value of 100% here. This makes it easy for users to use and complies with legal regulations.

Integrated rich snippets

The importance of rich snippets continues to grow. That is why rich snippets are directly integrated and thus improve the presentation in the search results and therefore also the positions.


Lightweight and fast, even on slow connections

So that your customers can always access your site

The speed of a website has several advantages in search engine optimization. Very slow websites often have a hard time reaching the absolute top positions. Conversely, high speed can help you achieve better positions.

PageSpeed Insights Test

Google uses the values of its own test for the ranking in the index. A better value therefore improves the criteria of your own domain for a better ranking. The domain therefore benefits directly.

Better user experience

If users can use the website better, they are more likely to stay on the website and contact you, for example. The result is a better conversion rate.

Better user signals

As users are more likely to stay on the website for a long time with a fast website, the user signals sent to Google also improve. This increases your ranking.


Static pages for more security

Worry less and focus on your business

Static webpages built with KAB Page are more secure because they generate content at build time, reducing the need for a live server or database. This eliminates common vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and server-side scripting attacks. Without dynamic content, there is less risk of security breaches, making static sites inherently more robust against hacking attempts.

Pages built with Astro 4

KAB Page uses Astro 4 to always deliver a beautiful performance


Remove the barriers to your success

A truly accessible website offers many advantages

Complying with legal requirements is generally not considered a pleasure. The EU has issued accessibility regulations that are very easy to meet with KAB Page.
However, an accessible website offers advantages that you should take advantage of even without the legal requirements.

Better user experience

An accessible website makes it easier for every visitor to use the website. If a website is accessible, it will display properly on any browser.

Legal regulations

The legal requirements for accessibility are met directly by KAB Page. There is no easier way to meet this challenge.


Digital sustainability for a greener future

Think ahead

Sustainable web development aims to minimize environmental impact by optimizing code for energy efficiency, using renewable energy for hosting, and ensuring accessibility. It involves reducing server requests, minimizing data transfers, and using responsive design. Emphasizing open-source tools promotes collaboration and reduces redundancy, contributing to a greener, more equitable digital landscape.

Only 0.06g CO2

On average for every visitor

Leave the big players behind

Your website compared to the biggest players on the internet. Tested on from Europe, 2024-06-17.

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