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Search engine optimization with KAB Page

KAB Page offers technically perfect websites for search engine optimization, making it easy and cost-effective for small and medium-sized companies.

Search engine optimization with KAB Page
Search engine optimization
A technically perfect website for just a few euros a month sounds almost dubious to many. But Fortunately, the relevant points can be checked very easily and neutrally.
Until now, the most simply formulated requirement for search engine optimization: "Create a technically perfect website."
For decades, however, this point was anything but easy to implement. Most content management systems and, above all, online shops online stores quickly reach their limits here. The further you go, the more complex the individual points become. While large companies can easily bear the costs can still bear the costs well, it is often simply impossible for small and medium-sized companies simply impossible to bear this expense. But even large companies are often trapped by the limits imposed by the content management systems they use.
KAB Page was designed from day one in such a way that technical perfection is a must in the implementation and not a nice to have.
What is a technically perfect website?
Let's try to simplify the question a little. In the field of search engine optimization, Google has a prominent role due to its high market share. With the "PageSpeed Insights Test", Google has its own test to check 4 important areas of technical implementation:
- Performance (speed)
- Accessibility
- Best Practices
The results are shown as a percentage. A value of 100% means that the maximum has been reached. As part of the test, a distinction is also made between the variant for mobile devices and desktop devices. As "performance" is more difficult to achieve on mobile devices, the test for mobile devices is often used to simplify matters.
Since Google is the most important search engine and primarily uses its own test for ranking, the simplest and most obvious definition of a technically perfect website is when all 4 test values are 100%.
In fact, KAG Page takes into account aspects that go beyond this text. But let's keep it as simple as possible.
How valuable is a technically perfect site?
The benefits of such a solution are extremely high, especially in the long term. But let's try to determine the costs. Anyone who has been dealing with this topic for some time will certainly have noticed the costs involved.
If you have an agency for the website, ask what it would cost to bring the website up to 100% in all 4 areas.
Most agencies will say no, as it is technically impossible.
However, you may be able to obtain a cost estimate for an implementation where all values are at 90%.
If you then receive offers in the five-figure range, it is not necessarily the case that the agency is trying to rip you off. It is simply the effort involved.
You should also be aware of the consequences of such an implementation. It is often no longer possible to maintain the content via the easy-to-use CMS.
With KAB Page, a technically perfect website can be built in just a few minutes and can be edited very easily using the web suite builder. No programming knowledge is required.
Just like in the early days of the Internet, anyone has the opportunity to overtake the big players technically. It is even very simple.

Onpage optimization
If you find out what is important when it comes to search engine optimization, you will immediately come across on-page optimization.
The area of onpage optimization concerns everything that is present on the website itself. Onpage optimization can be divided into 2 parts. A technically perfect page must be created and the content must be matched to the keywords to be optimized.
KAB Page also provides direct support for content optimization. This is because KAB Page basically has an integrated solution that is otherwise only offered by special SEO software.
Rapid development
KAB Page is constantly evolving. We want to cover every aspect of search engine optimization. Whatever the future may bring, KAB Page is technically so flexible that future developments can be quickly integrated into the software.
KAB Page is a future-proof solution for all search engines.
Anyone who has been working with websites for a long time and is interested in search engine optimization has already experienced it. The best solution for Google from the past is no longer the best solution today and a new website has to be created.
KAB Page is already the best content management system for search engines. We will use this advantage and, above all, continue to perfect the integrated software for content optimization.